Summary of Insurance Cover

The Club does not assume liability for loss or damage to member’s property stored at the Club premises. Members are covered by the following Member’s Personal Insurance that is paid separately with subscriptions each year.

Loss or Damage

*Golf clubs and other sporting equipment (as defined) as used at the club or elsewhere in Australia up to the value of $5,000, subject to the Policy excess and conditions (other sporting equipment means golf bag, non-motorised buggy, golf shoes, wood covers and umbrella, but excludes clothing, all other golf equipment or accessories, motorized buggies, motor cycles and golf carts).

Personal Liability

*Covering the Personal Liability of members to pay compensation to third parties for causing injury or damage to property arising from playing golf anywhere in Australia. The limit of indemnity is $20,000,000 any one claim.

Personal Accident

*Death or permanent disablement (and other scheduled benefits for lesser injuries) $100,000. Loss of income (excess 14 days) up to $500 per week. Injury sustained at any golf club in Australia.

Out of Pocket Expenses

*Emergency transport $3,000 limit any one claim and other out of pocket expenses as a result of injury, limit any one claim $1,000.

Note: This is a brief summary and is always subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy and co-insurance with any other insurance arranged by the member (eg Householders).