• COVID-19 Declaration

    The Kooyonga Golf Club (Kooyonga) has a duty of care to its members and to the community who interact with its employees, members and others involved with the Kooyonga Golf Club. As part of this duty of care and as a requirement of Kooyonga’s policies & procedures, it must enquire into the background of individuals visiting Kooyonga due to concern in the community for the spread of COVID-19.

  • I will contact the General Manager of the Kooyonga Golf Club, Brett Lewis, if I test positive for COVID-19 as soon as possible on 0411 885 562 to allow SA Health and the Chief Public Health Officer to coordinate a response with contact tracing activities. Anyone who has tested positive to COVID-19 is asked not to attend the Kooyonga Golf Club until such time as a medical certificate provides confirmation that the individual has satisfactorily recovered.



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