Schiavello Constructions will commence site establishment for the clubhouse project next Wednesday 11 September 2019, with the temporary fence and site amenities delivered and installed in the northern section of the carpark. Schiavello have provided an External Site Plan and Facilities Plan to visually show members how the site will be setup and the impacts to member facilities, including access to and from the clubhouse and carpark. We encourage members to view or download the documents to better understand the impacts of the changes to be introduced from next week. 


The work schedule for the first two weeks on site includes construction of temporary female locker facilities and a temporary administration office which are expected to be operational by 26 September 2019. Gum trees will also be removed at the northern end of the clubhouse during this period in readiness for demolition works to commence in early October 2019.   

Further information will be posted on the club website and clubhouse notice boards as soon as it is made available by the builders, but in the meantime below is a summary of a few items to be aware of:


Carparking will be restricted once the builders compound is established to the north of the main entry gate with close to 50 carparks lost for the duration of the project. Staff and subcontractors have been asked to park their vehicles on May Terrace to maximise carparking for members, however there will be peak periods of the week, ie Wednesday and Saturday where some members will also need to park on May Terrace. In these circumstances, we encourage members without club storage on site to drop off their golf clubs at the southern end of the clubhouse before exiting the carpark and parking their vehicle on May Terrace.     

Traffic Management

With the site compound to be established at the northern end of the carpark, the main exit gate will become an entry and exit gate for the builders and subcontractors only for the duration of the clubhouse project. Members and guests will not be able to use the main exit gate at any time and will be required to exit the carpark from the southern gates for the duration of the project.   

Clubhouse Entry & Exit Points

Once the temporary fences are established and temporary walls are being constructed by the builders, members will be required to enter and exit the clubhouse from the golf course side of the clubhouse only. There will be no access to the clubhouse from the carpark side of the building for the duration of the project. Temporary walls will be established at the northern end of the Rymill (Dining) Room and in the main members corridor with honour boards and trophy cabinets, restricting any member access beyond these walls. The temporary walls are marked in red dotted lines on the Facilities Plan.

Temporary Locker and Toilet Facilities

With the northern end of the clubhouse including the women’s locker room to be demolished a temporary female locker and toilet facility will be established within a small section of the men’s locker room for the duration of the building project, with temporary walls erected to provide separation between male and female members. The new temporary female facility will be constructed in the week commencing 16 September and will made available for use by females on 26 September 2019. 

Female members and guests will enter the temporary facilities via the current entry door to the men’s locker room off the main members corridor, and will have full use of the male toilet facilities off the entry foyer. Male members and guests will enter the male section of the temporary locker room via a new entry door to be built to the east of the current entry door off the main members corridor or alternatively via the current access door adjacent the golf shop. Male members and guests will need to use the toilet facilities at the southern end of the men’s locker room for the duration of the project.    

Temporary Administration Office

With the administration office and member entry to be reconfigured a temporary administration office will be established in the main members corridor for the duration of the project.    The office counter will be on the western side in close proximity to the entry points to both the male and female locker room facilities.  


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